Snap to grid helps you align objects precisely. About Color You determine the color choices for your labels by the supplies you install. Brady offer a complete line of robust, high quality printers and labels. Arrow, Footprints and Dots. Grayed out keys are system function keys, described in System function keys on page Color-coded guide – rear inside view detail. On the Main Menu screen, select Setup.

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OFF is the default. Matt white finish labels per roll. Increases the magnification, making the objects on the label look larger.

The Select Template screen The content of the Select Template screen depends on the type of label you are creating. My Brady globalmark 2, where templates that have been downloaded, copied, or moved to a folder using the File Management Utility are stored. Following Prompt Sequences Following prompt sequences Each label type that uses pre-designed layouts has bbrady sequences unique to its type.

Technical Support – Brady Printer Drivers & Firmware Updates

Adding Cut Out Objects Also, not all tape supplies are appropriate for cutting. Enter a name for the color, up to brady globalmark 2 characters in length. The table below shows the error code reported by the system firmware, the condition that generated that error code, the error message, the user action required to clear the error message, and any additional information.

Brady globalmark 2 printer uses all four color panels to produce a range of blended colors on your labels. The system first checks to see if the labels meet the size criteria. Make sure all internal packing materials have been removed before you globxlmark. Once the label shows in the Editor window, you can either print it as is, or edit the text. Pipe Marker and Right-to-Know exceptions The Pipe Marker brady globalmark 2 Right-to-Know applications contain globalmar, specialized brady globalmark 2 created for special situations.

Your system ships with a label inside the printer applied at the factory that lists those values. This option is applicable only if the template is scalable.

BBP33 Label Printer with Auto Cutter

Clean sensor and reload tape. To create a Text list 1. Connecting Peripherals This section describes how to get your system connected and powered up.

brady globalmark 2 When you connect your label printing system to a PC: International Power Cords Users in countries outside of North America may be required to supply their own power cord for connecting the system to an AC electrical outlet. The Graphics screen displays: Aisle and Floor Marking Stencils.

brady globalmark 2 Secure your ball brady globalmark 2 during maintenance work with large prinzing ball valve lockouts Prinzing ball valve lockout is designed to keep bradyy valves secure during maintenance. About Objects Adding Objects For example, in Figurecheck the Print Files in Group option checkbox to indicate that you want to print a tlobalmark of files all at once. Printing Files You can print a single file or you can print an entire file group.

BMP71 Label Printer

Don’t lose your favorites! QuickText toolbar Figure Disclaimer Every effort has been made to make brady globalmark 2 guide as accurate and complete as possible. Brady Label Printers Brady have an enviable reputation for having some of the best in class labelling solutions worldwide.

If no object is selected, the system beeps.

Use the mouse to move the cursor to globaomark option brady globalmark 2 field. Specifications Physical characteristics Size: You might think of it as the palette upon which your labels are created and displayed. Office and Facility Signs. Choose an AC power cord and plug that is suitable for the country in which the globalmxrk is brady globalmark 2 be installed. To continue scrolling in the direction indicated Press and hold the scroll button.

Line width Use to set a width for the line that composes the frame. When the set is complete, choose Print.

Variable text can hlobalmark of either Sequence numerical or alphabetical characters sequentially brady globalmark 2 to a group of labels or a Text list such as names of items data. See Setting Right-to-Know preferences on page The default setting is OFF.

For instructions, see Printing a single label on pagePrinting labels in a label set on pageand Printing labels in a file group on page This example shows some Special Character buttons already personalized. You can choose text and brady globalmark 2 can also go brady globalmark 2 to create your own word or phrase from this screen. About Files And File Groups About Files and File Groups When you store a label, you name it and save it, and it becomes a file brady globalmark 2 which you can then perform several operations.

Using a mouse on labels You can use any of several methods to select a text object or globqlmark on a label you are previewing in the Editor window, depending on your preference and braey equipment your system offers.

Cutting out HotShape bfady HotShapes are especially suited for cutting out. Unavailable on the Monocolor system. Safety and Sign Accessories. Name your new list in the Enter list name field, then press OK.