Does external video work properly all the time? I just hope its not the motherboard. Sarah Tushemereirwe, Is it an older laptop? There is only blank white on the screen. Because my laptop is turn on but screen is black. Just in case try swapping memory modules.

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Young June 3, Hi, My laptop just started getting pink colors where the blacks were and green sony vaio pcg-7164m the whites were sonu i tried tilting the screen down a little bit and the colors went back to normal. Leon March 16, The colors are sony vaio pcg-7164m off. If you can, plz share the same on my mail id also.

Screen shows strange colors

First, I suggest testing the laptop with an external monitor. Once I purchased a new screen with same model number but different version.

I would suggest testing the laptop with an external monitor. So now what i have to do? How do I access the place where the cable connects with the motherboard under the keyboard What screws do I remove, etc? Chris October 25, Vickie November 24, My laptop shows a distorted image sony vaio pcg-7164m on the LCD but the signal to another monitor is good.

Does it work properly. Amol November 1, That would sony vaio pcg-7164m why moving the display fixed the video problem the first sony vaio pcg-7164m. I connected an external monitor and the display is crisp i. I am experiencing exactly this problem with my HP Pavilion dv8 It was supposed to be a high end laptop, but in the six years I have used it, I have had nothing but problems with it, mainly due to non functioning of capacitive buttons and batteries heating up and dying.

Sony vaio pcg-7164m is hard for me to explain how the monitor is doing, but I do have pictures I can send you. They sell original Sony parts. Ikenna N September 21, Daniel July 5, Your advise will be deeply appreciated. Just in case try swapping memory modules. Ruth June 13, So why is this problem occurring? I also sony vaio pcg-7164m some sorts of pblm with my laptop,intel del core 2. My question is regarding the model number of the LCD screen if I need to replace it.

If you have to guess, try replacing the inverter board first. How do I replace this cable? I tested with tv and that worked ok. If the same problem appears on both screens, the internal LCD and external monitor, most likely this is motherboard related sony vaio pcg-7164m.

Can you see normal Windows image on the screen at all? Coker November 12, I have an acer aspire Some laptops detect external monitor automatically and start showing image on both sony vaio pcg-7164m right from startup. I do not have a vga cable.

If there is no image at all, can you hear normal Windows loging sounds when turn on the laptop? Sony vaio pcg-7164m sir, I have exactly the problem you have shown in the image. If I tilt the screen forward sony vaio pcg-7164m me creating a 45 degree angle the tint is gone and the screen is normal.

sony vaio pcg-7164m Please let me know if you did not understand anything. I think this is LCD screen related failure. After reading your blog, I think it might be the video cable or LCD screen. In most sony vaio pcg-7164m the graphics card integrated into the motherboard and cannot be removed or vaoo separately. None of this happens on an external monitor.

I have replaced the memory with no permanent success, Could you help me? What can i do? Wiggle the cable while the laptop is running.

Screen shows strange colors | Laptop Repair

First of all, I would test the laptop with an external monitor. This could be graphics card related failure. Hi, I upgraded to a led from an vqio, increasing resolution from to My laptop is hp Thanks for all the sony vaio pcg-7164m information on this website. Can i replace it?